Niamh is an International Speaker, Storyteller, Transformational Coach, Facilitator and Founder of Attuneme.


Niamh ignites a greater capacity in individuals, coaches, consultants, executives and CEOs to live and lead more consciously and effectively.

She facilitates powerful leadership initiations for courageous individuals who are ready to embark on an evolutionary journey to activate their unique leadership signature, to expand their conscious awareness and awaken heightened states of heart centred intelligence and potential.

She does through facilitating tailored transformational initiations and experiences, coaching programs for individuals, groups and organisations, facilitation of experiential workshops, events and retreats and offering her expertise through her global leadership initiatives.

She utilises a powerful vibrational and transformational modality Attuneme in her work with others to create deep emotional and cellular change.

She is also a facilitator of collective attunements and global meditations and host of her very own podcast "Attune To Your True Nature and a vibrational creative artist.

Niamh originally from Ireland yet spends a lot of her time traveling between Ireland, Europe, the US and Australia facilitating her work and has influenced the lives of thousands of people in her events, workshops, retreats and online trainings globally.

She acts as a bridge between modern day transformational modalities and ancient esoteric teachings/practices. She also combines her strong business acumen gained from her 5+ experience in the corporate world including working for a Top Fortune 500 Company in Australia, with her transformational training, tools, modalities, her own personal development and her exploration of both modern and ancient esoteric teachings.

Niamh consistently challenges her level of awareness by delving deep into philosophy, mythology, human behaviour, quantum physics, neuroscience and ancient esoteric wisdom in her spare time. She has traveled the world to many different sacred sites and has spent time with various indigenous tribes, learning from their way of life.

She has studied and explored many different "spiritual" teachings yet her aim is to empower individuals to find truth and meaning within themselves.


"Much of the answers we seek are found in the temple within"



Niamh is said to embody an energy and resonance that is wholly unique, people become ignited, inspired and activated in her presence and the purity of her voice when she speaks is so beautifully hypnotic unlocking deep cellular remembrance in others.

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