She does through facilitating tailored transformational initiations and experiential 6-12 month coaching programs for individuals. She utilizes a powerful vibrational and transformational modality Attuneme™ in her work with others to create deep physical, mental, emotional and cellular change.


This work is not for the faint-hearted, it is a courageous journey for individuals who are ready to embark on a journey into the unknown to unlock deeper layers of self-awareness, remembrance and uncover their true human nature.


This opportunity is for individuals who are highly committed to their personal, professional and spiritual development and who have already invested a lot of their time, energy and money in their own growth through other trainings, seminars, courses, books, and teachers. But have reached a plateau in their awakening journey and seeking a space where they can be guided deeper within themselves to discover their own true capacity and self-empowerment. They know there is more to uncover and are desiring the space to break through the deeper energetic, emotional and etheric blocks and imprints, so they can awaken out of the Maya (the illusion) and unlock deep cellular remembrance and their human potential.


  • Awaken to your inherent wisdom 

  • Activate your intuitive intelligence

  • Expand your conscious awareness

  • Strengthen your emotional and energetic resilience 

  • Experience True Personal Freedom (living outside societal, cultural and conditional matrixes)

  • Access heightened (yet natural) states of creativity and potential.

  • Live, Lead and Give wholeheartedly and harmoniously

  • Be initiated into deeper levels of self-sovereignty and learn how to personally navigate reality (life) creatively and with discernment.

  • Create life consciously and in harmony with natural lore.

  • Connect with the natural abundance

  • Connect with your own personal inner guidance system

  • Direct experience of your personal sovereignty and truth

  • A deeper understanding of ancient esoteric teachings and earth wisdom, natural lore, energy, vibration, quantum physics, and emotional intelligence.

  • Reconcile deep layers of limitation, limiting beliefs, emotional and cellular wounding/trauma (personal/ancestral/transpersonal energetic blocks) & more..

  • Experience more inner peace, harmony, and connection

  • Reconcile and release dis-harmony mentally, emotionally and physically through releasing energetic root of the dis-ease

  • Consciously connect to and understand the multi-dimensional nature of your being, learn to navigate reality through a whole new lens through direct practices, tools, guided initiations, meditations, and study the core principles of ATTUNEME- a personal map to unlock cellular truth within your body.


Working with Niamh is not like any other coaching program

This is a unique tailored experiential journey that is unlike anything else that you will experience.

  • A tailored unique experiential journey to meet your desires and goals

  • 2- 3 Coaching/Mentoring Calls per month

  • Daily support & accountability  via whatapps , messenger or email

  • 1 Day Experiential Excursions/ Transformational Intensives: (location Dependant)

  • Access to Niamh’s Attuneme ™ Online offerings , workshops and programs

  • Access to powerful self-empowerment tools, energetic processes

  • Exclusive invitations to Experiential Retreats to sacred sites with other 1:1 clients.


If you feel called to work with Niamh in this way, then click APPLY NOW below and submit an application. Niamh will review this and connect with you to set up a call to discuss the possibilities of working together and to see if it is the right fit for you and also the right timing to embark on a journey of this nature.

This call is really an opportunity to connect and explore the possibilities of working together. Its important to note that the calls are exploratatory only and there is no obligation at either side to proceed any further if it is not a good fit. This work is only effective when both parties feel a deep synergy and commitment to embarking on this journey together.


So please Niamh only apply if you are serious and committed to investing your time, your heart and your energy in yourself and this work.


If that is you, click the APPLY NOW button below, answer a short few questions and select a time in her calendar to chat.


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